All Black Chickens

If you cut it, everything is black including flesh, blood and bones. It contains higher protein and iron percentage and less cholesterol and fat That makes it costlier. With high iron content it is considered healthy. Whenever there was a meeting by KVK in our village, They always insisted on rearing Kadaknath. I used to sit and always tried to understand the benefits of rearing Kadaknath. Kadaknath is still less in number. We at KVK Jhabua are trying our best to increase the numbers and spread its rearing.

Kadaknath is high in demand because of its special characteristics. We are getting demands from the entire country, plus there is a big local demand too We are supplying on an average 4 to 5 thousand chicks every month That is supplied to local farmers in Jhabua and rest of Madhya Pradesh as well as other parts of the country As there is a huge demand so we supply it according to a waitlist. After 3 months of rearing Kadaknath, I can earn a minimum 35 thousands. There is no other way one can earn 35 thousands in three months by doing manual labour. We can sell a Kadaknath chicken whenever there is need like buying books, pens, clothes etc for our children If someone falls sick suddenly, there is an option to sell a chicken and get treatment Otherwise one needs to go to a money lender to borrow at 10 percent interest during emergencies We earn little from agriculture. Inspite of all the hard work the crops die due to lack of water scarcity. But rearing Kadaknath brings good profit to us Question -How much did you earn last year? Last year we earned RS. lakhs We rear 100 chicks at one go and the minimum income is 35-40 thousand if I sell it at one go If I sell them one at a time then I can probably earn even more.

Rearing requires investment and involves risks, even with10-20 chicks we can earn some money. We have around 140 Pashu Mitra (Friends of Animals) They take care of vaccination and deworming for both chick and goats They also train farmers how to take care of the animals We conducted a one day training programme for the farmers on how to rear Kadaknath. how to keep them disease free and healthy with proper feed Kadaknath needs proper and regular light In the beginning the chicks need to be kept inside an enclosure called chick guard because they can die as they climb on top of each other So these are some of the tips that we give them during our training programmes.

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