Family Farm – [Tutorial] Alex’s Tips for your “How to” and “Why” – Part 2

Howdy Farmers! I’m Alex your host from the Family Farm studio. In our previous video, I explained how to hide and show the bucket icon over the trees, and why we can’t collect rewards from certain items anymore, also why my water products are not in the barn, don’t forget to check it out! As promised, today I’m back to answer the rest of the questions. Let’s continue with 4th question: I bought a Beach theme, but why has nothing changed on my farm? My dear farmer, please don’t forget to go to the Store, click on the Decoration tab and then the Scene column to Use it after purchasing it successfully. On the fifth question card, a player asked how to find an item. Well you are asking the right person! You can use the Search function on the top left side of the screen. Let me show you.

Tap on the search bar, and then input the name of the item. If you have several of them on your farm, you will see the total amount. Also if you click on the magnifier, it will lead you to the item! That’s it for today. If you enjoyed this video just like it! If you have any ideas or suggestions leave them in the comment section below. And remember to subscribe to our official Family Farm Channel for more videos and tips about the game. Enjoy farming and see you next time! Bye bye! .