AP Source: Man Killed 4 Men, Burned Bodies At Family’s Farm

You’re breaking a local missing-persons case that has the attention of the entire nation Cosmo DiNardo admits to killing the four men who mysteriously vanished in Bucks County last week Eyewitness News reporter Trang doe is live in Solebury Township Trang we’re hearing DiNardo may have had an accomplice what we know yeah that’s right Jen a source with direct knowledge of Cosmo denardis confession says a co-conspirator was involved in three of the killings we hope to learn more about that person and their relationship to DiNardo but thursday we heard from DiNardo from the very first time after his attorney got a deal with prosecutors one of our eyewitness news cameras Cosmo DiNardo apologized to the families of the four men he has confessed to killing as he was taken away to the Bucks County Jail he confessed to his participation or commission in the murders of the four young men in exchange for that confession mr.

DiNardo was promised by the district attorney that he will spare his life by not invoking the death penalty his attorney Paul Lang says his client told investigators everything including why he participated in the killings of Jimmy Patrick Dean fennel Chi ro Tom mio and mark Sturgis a source telling the AP the men were shot in the head or the back after DiNardo felt cheated during three drug transactions the source also said the bodies were burned on the DiNardo family Solebury Township farm of the four men just Fino gr o has been positively identified from remains found in a 12-foot grave on the property where investigators continue to dig neither the da Nord de Nardo’s attorney was ready to discuss motive thursday night that’ll come out in time I don’t think it’s appropriate for me out of respect for the families that we get communicate that right now Gennaro’s attorney also says his client told authorities the two separate locations where the bodies are buried again we do expect a news conference from the DA coming up at 11:00 with more details about this and that alleged accomplice but for now we’re live in Solebury Township I’m trying dough cbs3 Eyewitness News Jan and Jim back to you it’s more to learn in this case thank you trying